Short Moment – love moment

Hey… listen,
Love is a simple and short word which has no shape, usually people say it has red color and a heart shape but I do not think so. i think love is very beautiful part of human feelings .

You know What!? I must have to keep myself happy to make my heart happy…! But I will automatically be happy when there is a love in my heart. I never mean to heart my heart because slowly i’m falling for that person don’t know why, don’t know how, but that person is living in my heart i called it small town and which always makes me happy in twinkling nights and dreamy days.

Yeah.. Life is too short my friend..

We all are living for tomorrow along with our past and forgive our present…

Yeah, people always talk about past and future.. even though we already know that we are not sure about future and we can’t change our past as it was already happened.

We are very small and life is more then that in which we can make ourselves happy for those who love us, care for us, and who do everything for us to bring a smile on our face

Our life is short and you know what the quantity is only one…!

so i prefer to do a little thing like, stretches my lips and showing my teeth… 🙂

ગમતી વ્યક્તિ અને દુઃખ ( Loved one and Hurt)

ગમતી વ્યક્તિથી દુઃખ લાગે ત્યારે આ વાક્ય યાદ રાખવું,

“દુઃખ મહત્વનું હોય તો વ્યક્તિ ભૂલી જવી અને વ્યક્તિ મહત્ત્વની હોય તો દુઃખ ભૂલી જવું”


Remember this sentence when you have been hurt from your loved one/favorite people/crush/ best buddy etc..

“If hurt is important then for forget them, or if person is important then forgive them and forget hurtfulness.”


Amazing words found in my piece of writing and suddenly i compare it with people like our parents/ best friends/ lovebirds etc…

They have been fighting too much on day by day basis even they have been using such miscellaneous words in argue. But on the next day or day after tomorrow they will eat food together and help each other just because they love them and just wanna be with them. They do not wanna lose them. That’s IT.
BE SOMEBODY, BE LOVED to be with them.