Short Moment – love moment

Hey… listen,
Love is a simple and short word which has no shape, usually people say it has red color and a heart shape but I do not think so. i think love is very beautiful part of human feelings .

You know What!? I must have to keep myself happy to make my heart happy…! But I will automatically be happy when there is a love in my heart. I never mean to heart my heart because slowly i’m falling for that person don’t know why, don’t know how, but that person is living in my heart i called it small town and which always makes me happy in twinkling nights and dreamy days.

Yeah.. Life is too short my friend..

We all are living for tomorrow along with our past and forgive our present…

Yeah, people always talk about past and future.. even though we already know that we are not sure about future and we can’t change our past as it was already happened.

We are very small and life is more then that in which we can make ourselves happy for those who love us, care for us, and who do everything for us to bring a smile on our face

Our life is short and you know what the quantity is only one…!

so i prefer to do a little thing like, stretches my lips and showing my teeth… 🙂


લાગણી (feelings)

We all are human.. we all have a feelings about anything… – hurt, anger, love, fight, regret, sad,etc…. every positive / negative points covered under human feelings.
– yes.. we are human.. so we might be happy for something to be with and feel sad about something that you lost or not got even after your true efforts.
Still we believes on ourselves about our feelings and trying till the end.
– yes.. we have living with feelings whicheverr is true. and will die by giving it(feelings) to all our favourite people to be with them always.

Bandh Aankhen

बंध आँखे…

आँखे बंध करके देख,
अपना आशियाना मिलेगा।

सपने तू बुंदना सीख,
सीखे तो जीना सीख,
जिये तो हँसना सीख,
आज तू उठकर फिर चलकर देख।

दौड़ती हुई ठंडी हवा तू देख,
उसका एहसास दिल के पास रखना तू सीख।

ख़ुशबू बहुत है जान ले ये तू,
उसमे खुद की ख़ुश्बू की आवाज़ तू सुन

आँखे बंध करके तू देख,
अपना एहसास तू लेकर देख,
सपनो की चिल्लाहट सुन,
ख़ुशी का पिंडारा भर के देख

चाहत का मोहताज बन के देख,
सपनों को हक़ीक़त बनाना तू सिख।

गिरे तो सब चिल्लाये, परवाह ना कर उसकी तू

फ़िर तू दौड़, चिल्लाहट को खिलखिलाहट में बदलना सिख
ज़िन्दगी को प्यार करना तू सिख,
मुस्कुराते हुए सपने बुंदना तू सिख

आँखे बंध करके तू देख…

आँखे बंध करके तू देख….


CREATING and DEVELOPING both are different.
So select one at a time based on situation.
If you can’t decide then take that TIME.


Expecting something from your favorite people is good.
But be ready for regret from them. Because you don’t know that you are one of the favorite people for them.
Regret always help to get yourself top. so take it with you with smile.