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This is Viral,  a creative mind that appreciates every form of art.
Sketching, paintings, Games, photography, videography are my hobbies. However  i’m one of the loving people who are enjoying reading and writing. so give time for that quite silent work 😉

As i follows the my one of  the lines “to being smart, work hard with passion and make it consistent”, i got the title “Researcher” as i published my Research paper Internationally.

But yeah, I’m working, too! I am a full time front-end developer and web UI / Graphics designer in India.

I’m Also working as a pro-sketch artist, as well as Game environment/ 3D modal designer for UNITY3D, GoogleVR & Oculus Rift-the future technology.

I am crazy about to meet new people , learn new things, new technology, make friendship and connection to make world together.

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here is my little time for 3D : sketchfab

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